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18.10.2018 18:47

A group of volunteers of the Kazan Volunteer Center regularly visits children at the hospice at the Angela Vavilova Foundation. Volunteers hold master classes and arrange theater performances. “We try to brighten up the lives of children and their parents. I go to the hospice every week on a certain day – kids quickly get used to people and want to see them again.”- says Karina, one of the project volunteers.

In addition to spending time with children, volunteers organize events, actions in support of the hospice, and just holidays for both the children who are sick and adults. You can try yourself as an animator, singer, artist, or simply as an organizer – we will be very happy about any help!

On the Good Deeds Day on April 2, 2017, the community volunteers alongside the Kazan medical volunteers, the Angela Vavilova foundation and the Kazan administration, showed a puppet show at the hospice and tried to arrange a small holiday for the patients, their parents and the staff.